Oil, Gas & Petrochemical,Power Al Obaidly group Doha Qatar


 Oil, Gas & Petrochemical,Power Al Obaidly group Doha Qatar
 Oil, Gas & Petrochemical,Power Al Obaidly group Doha Qatar  Oil, Gas & Petrochemical,Power Al Obaidly group Doha Qatar
 Oil, Gas & Petrochemical,Power Al Obaidly group Doha Qatar

Facing the future with confidence...

As a family business organization, the OITC Group is deeply rooted in both the traditional cultural values of the region; and modern management and governance principles. As a result, the Group has a strong focus on integrity, reliability and transparency - values that have been the bedrock of its success and sustainability over the last four decades.  The Group’s founders and Board of Directors are committed to good corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility; and the highest ethical standards.

While drawing deep strengths from its business legacy, the OITC Group has always maintained a forward-looking, innovative approach towards growth and diversification. With a well-planned and carefully implemented diversification strategy, the Group has taken advantage of the rapid growth and rising opportunities in Qatar. The Group is focused on providing consistently high-quality services to its clients in the commercial, engineering & contracting, services, agricultural, energy, travel & tourism and ICT sectors.

  Driven by the visionary leadership of its Board of Directors, the OITC Group seeks to create a shift in quality standards in its core business sectors and transform them into important contributors to economic and social growth in Qatar and the region. Apart from being a major player in the industrial and manufacturing sector, the Group also intends to provide world class services in the health care, education and retail sectors. The Group’s business activities are always informed and inspired by its larger objective of improving the quality of people’s lives as well as its strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

In addition to pursuing diversification within the region, the group also offers its clients and associates a range of truly world-class advisory and assistance to support their needs for technological expertise, raw material and capital investment. The Group is confident that it can create real value for its stakeholders, whichever new business opportunity it decides to take up.

The OITC Group boasts a highly qualified, experienced and reliable team of professionals capable of meeting every client’s commercial, engineering and administrative objective. The Group’s technical, financial and senior management teams, combined with state-of-the-art tools and technology, give the Group the ability to smoothly and efficiently adapt to the changing nature of the market.

The OITC Group believes that the right technology investments can significantly raise levels of efficiency and performance. To support its growth and goals, the OITC Group has a technology road map that lays down a clear plan for regularly upgrading its technological capabilities in line with the latest developments and in response to business and market needs.